Our Investment Principles

We invest in companies from various industries. For us, a brand or company is worth our interest if they appeal to us on an emotional level. The criteria according to which we invest are derived from our understanding of ourselves as an entrepreneurial identity as well as from our convictions, passions and values.

Capacity for Internationalisation

Of paramount importance to us is the market potential of the company in question. This is generally linked – at least in part – to its capacity for international growth. Good prospects and a clear product idea are important prerequisites in this regard.

Majority Holding

We engage actively, work closely alongside the companies in which we invest and seek to play a role in shaping their company and product strategy. That’s why we strive to carry out majority or complete takeovers, including gradual takeovers by means of succession solutions.


In our experience, companies with vertical (stand-alone) product and sales structures enjoy the greatest possible potential for evolution and value creation. For this reason, we are particularly interested in companies that exhibit a high degree of verticality.