Find out more about EEF Holding GmbH

EEF HOLDING GmbH is an consulting and investment firm that offers effective advice and support for clients’ project visions through start-up founding, expansion, financing or any combination of the above – with a sustainable, personally tailored and goal-driven approach.

Why EEF Holding?

EEF HOLDING is the partner for your business journey, we are there for every step of your path to success: hurdles, setbacks and, ultimately, economic growth. As we accompany you, we consistently place an emphasis on innovation and vision, since these are the most important factors for progress and business success.

It is inventiveness and drive for innovation that has the potential to make a positive contribution in terms of its ecological, social and economic impact. Ideas that capture the spirit of the times go on to the become the brands and companies of tomorrow. As a result, it is very important to us to advise young start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs on a holistic and cross-industry basis.

Our strategy centres around the pooling of our various skills, values and resources – since it’s only with the resulting synergy that shared, sustainable success can be enjoyed by both parties. In light of this, we’ll be there to advise you at every step of the way and to live out our core values and beliefs in pursuit of your goals.

Personal, value-driven, skilled – effective.

In the world of change in which we live, national and global conditions and economic structures shift from one day to the next. One thing, however, remains constant: our values and resourcefulness in our role as entrepreneurs. With us by your side, you have a reliable partner with the necessary know-how and the financial and intellectual independence to make things a success; a partner who not only possesses the right skills, but also places ethical values at the top of the agenda.

We regard ourselves as an independent consultancy with a focus on sustainable entrepreneurial success; a cross-industry firm offering holistic solutions and sales products internationally and for all areas of business. As such, our clients benefit from both our intercultural <em>and</em> business expertise as well as from our broad and diverse network. As our client, we’ll help you combine tried-and-tested know-how with new strategies and innovative opportunities – all with the purpose of ensuring your professional success in the 21st century.

Our Values:

We are global team-player with passion. We combine skills, resources and knowledge with diversity, cultural vision and individuality, and harness the resulting synergy for the benefit of your business success. Before we can achieve growth through our employees, we must first of all promote the growth of our employees into strong individuals. This is a belief to which we hold firm. This is the only way to achieve stable, sustainable and healthy growth.

Appreciation of Worth

At EEF, the appreciation of worth and merit is not merely a stated goal, but way of living and doing. We believe that the appreciation of worth lies in dealing with customers and employees on equal terms. This fosters interest on the side of the customer whilst simultaneously motivating employees to achieve individual excellence and sustainable results.


When we talk of “responsibility”, we mean the duty to start with ourselves and see each project through to completion. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and results.




We believe that reliability consists in the appreciation of worth – and we conduct ourselves according to this principle. For us, reliability is more than an attitude and a defining value; it is the foundation of a long-term business relationship.



Respect, for us, is an inner attitude. Your professional, social and entrepreneurial stance is certainly interesting to us – but is not the decisive factor when it comes to winning our respect. We conduct each and every one of our discussions and projects with respect for our employees and customers. Our motto: without respect, there can be no fruitful cooperation and ultimately no success.


For us, trust consists in dependability. Trust can only come about as a result of integrity – and only with integrity can our actions and conduct convey a clear language and a personality. We believe that trust is the foundation for successful business relationships and is of fundamental importance for sustainable growth.



You will achieve and grow with us. Our team is committed to your personal and individual success. For us, ethical values are the basis for sustainable action, long-term business evolution and measurable results.