Özgür Ergül – Chief Executive Officer of EEF Holding GmbH

I am convinced that every entrepreneur and every company has an obligation to society and must take it seriously.

We must never lose sight of the effects of our actions on our fellow human beings and also on the next generation and we must be aware of our responsibility at all times. Only in this way we can grow together and shape our society positively. I believe in that not only as a manager, but also as the human.


Sustainable management, social responsibility and volunteering are close to my heart and represent the cornerstones of my work as Managing Director of the globally active EEF Holding.

As a former banker as well as through my many years of experience in renowned banks and finance companies, I know that in addition to professional expertise, ethical value foundations and sustainable work are crucial for economic success.

That’s why I stand with my company for a holistic and sustainable consulting service, communication on equal terms and individually tailored financing and participation.




We are convinced that reliability means appreciation, and we behave accordingly, because for us reliability is more than a basic attitude and moral virtue, it is the foundation of a long-term business relationship.


Trust means reliability for us. Only trust creates integrity. And only integrity gives our actions and actions a clear language and thus a personality. We believe that trust is the foundation of successful business relationships and of fundamental importance for sustainable growth.


Appreciation is not only important to us, but also lived in doing and acting. Appreciation means for us to meet customers and employees at eye level. This creates interest on the part of the customer and motivates the employees to individual top performance and sustainable success. 

Knowledge & Experiences

Banking, economics, management, sales, strategy consulting, analytics, statistics, finance, investor advisory, business consulting, investment advice, finance

Mr. Özgür Ergül, has many years of professional experience with major global banks and private finance companies.

In addition, he was elected in 2012 with 298 votes and with a five-year mandate in the IHK plenary meeting in Berlin until 2017, that he voluntarily had to resign early in 2016 due to internal guidelines by sector change.

In addition, Mr. Özgür Ergül was awarded the bronze medal in 2006 by the German Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany.

He is currently Founder and CEO of EEF Holding GmbH, headquartered in Berlin. As a former banker and financial expert, Mr. Ergül is currently working on several specialist and non-fiction books and various publications in the form of newsletters.