EEF HOLDING is involved with projects in a diverse range of sectors and industries both at home and abroad. Examples include real estate, the trade of raw materials, the distribution of products, technical consulting in various areas and many more. We are committed to supporting both global and local projects (e.g. municipal structures) to ensure that Germany as a location receives the benefits of new ideas and companies. This is part of the EEF philosophy and part of our belief that we as entrepreneurs are committed to the common good and to giving something back to our society – even in times of increasing globalisation and worldwide networking.

Today, EEF participates in numerous projects, sharing its expertise, commitment to personal service and financial means to facilitate the success of a wide variety of organisations and business ventures.

Our motto is “The Effective Way” – because we strive to achieve the greatest possible degree of effectiveness. This is not accomplished by the analysis of numbers alone, but rather with a personal approach, innovation and sustainability. Our focus lies in strengthening our partners, making new ideas a reality and ensuring that companies work sustainability, thereby guaranteeing their long-term existence.

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